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Meat-Loaf is the larger-than-life singer who has never fit a rock star stereotype and is often referred to as the "everyman" guy.

A devoted family man, he is most famous as a live artist: wildly unpredictable on stage and full of energy, often collapsing from exhaustion after a concert.

In January 1974 a standing ovation for his performance in the off-Broadway musical "More Than You Deserve" convinced him to take up singing full-time.

The following year saw a show-stopping performance in the musical "The Rocky Horror Show," which opened March 10.

(It's not clear whether his partner has left him, or whether he's a stay-at-home Dad -- but it really doesn't matter for the purposes of the spot).

It's extremely cute, with some funny and all-too-recognisable scenes of father-daughter moments as his baby grows up; a scene where she stands on his head in the swimming pool is one of the best.

He walked out of recording a follow-up album when he experienced throat problems and moved from rock star to rock casualty with a nervous breakdown and suicide threat.

In September 1981 he released "Dead Ringer" with Cher, but its commercial failure in the US resulted in lawsuits and he was forced to declare bankruptcy.

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He rejoined the cast in Ohio in March 1971 and the tour reached Broadway in September 1971.Marvin kept sane staying at home for three and a half years raising his two young daughters with wife Leslie (they had married on 2/23/1979 after a whirlwind romance).Disillusioned with the music industry and without a US record deal, nevertheless he re-built a strong concert following and between 19, fuelled by his electric stage performances, "Bat Out of Hell" shifted a further eight millions units.The album, a collection of grandiose rock opera songs, took some time to attract interest but would later become one of the top-selling records in history.After his huge "overnight" success in 1978, Marvin began a downward spiral into drink and drugs, culminating in a four-day blackout in May.