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They then spent a handful of hours chatting intensely over Peri-Peri chips.An onlooker said: “Pro picked Rita up and she seemed really excited to be heading out with him."That's something Millie and I have in common: she's wholesome and she's got great values." "I know I couldn't be with me: I'm an absolute nightmare," he added.

"I was brought up by my grandmother, who said class isn't dictated by what you have in the bank but how you treat people," he said.

) Just be good to me (I’ll try, I’ll try, I’ll try) [Verse 2: Professor Green (Lily Allen)] Look, babes, you know who I am But as crooked as I am, I’ll be as good as I can I can try and try, though it's evident My angel face is disguise for the devil inside You’re good to me; I ain’t good to girls, me I’m a bad boy, something every good girl needs Hey, honesty could avoid all your tantrums But I’m a naughty boy and I always have been What?

And that ain’t changing anytime soon I can’t have you with me whenever I move Whatever I do, I come back to you See, the good attracts me and the crook attracts you (Whatever) What?

I ain’t ever gonna change; are you ever gonna to realize?

[Hook: Lily Allen] (Professor Green) People always talk about (Look, people are always going to talk, babes) Reputation (I ain't even gonna lie, shit But it ain't like you don't know what mine is) I don’t care what you do to them (Nah?