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And if you do end up in a clinic, make sure you have a widely-accepted credit card, like Visa, and that you've contacted your credit card provider to let them know you'll be traveling internationally.Because, no, Venmo is not an option in case your credit card becomes null.Just about any mountainous hiking trip demands boots to provide better traction and balance, protect your feet, and prevent your ankles from snapping.My suggestion: Invest in trusted brands like The Noth Face, Vasque, Danner, or Garmont to get fitted for a proper pair. See if there’s a return policy that lets you sample a pair with no-questions-asked returns, just in case you absolutely hate them after a week of testing.

I learned that fitness doesn’t always prepare you for everything—and that while preparation is great, adaptability is even better.(You might have to go up a half size depending on your socks and if you add inserts like arch supports). Do the literal legwork and give your feet plenty of time to adapt, beacuse even though we’re past the are-these-made-of-concrete era of boots that were impossible to break in, many pairs of boots needs a grace period when they're fresh out of the box. There are plenty of lightweight models that don’t even need breaking in, as with my pair of The North Face Ultra Fastpack II Mid Gore-Tex boots.Just remember: Suffering through blisters and bruised shins because you didn’t do your due diligence is almost as bad as the embarrassment and pain of hiking in soggy flip flops.Sometimes trolling through the glossy pictures on Instagram can ruin an experience.Our advice: Talk to people who have made the journey before. Look up blogs of people who have traveled someplace before. It's basically an up-to-date picture book travel guide.