Srcds not updating

Updating your Server – Listed below are steps to update the server.yum update yum upgrade -y Adding a user and secure password for a gaming console is an important necessity.I have read several responses on this on several different forums, but nothing seems to out guys.I am trying to use the latest hldsupdatetool with the new command syntax.Listed below are steps to configure, install, update and run the L4D server on Linux distribution like Cent OS.In order to successfully install L4D gaming console in Cent OS server, it must be up to date and secure.-game "Counter-Strike Source" -username username -password password Thanks for the advice guys, but things are still not working...

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The first time you run it it will update and you will be left at a STEAMThis is known to cause problems when updating your server to a newer version.

This command launches a basic dedicated server but more parameters can be added.

Do you want to be the owner of a CS: S dedicated server? You can only rename or move the "SRCDS Non-Steam Windows (Steam Pipe)" folder. Media Fire does not support unlimited downloads of split archives and the limit for this file has been reached.

it's case insensitive but it will throw a fit over the colon.

you need to be using something like this: ./steam -command update -dir .