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My friend basically acted as an emotional crutch for her mother from her very earliest memory. For me - it is a song that I would sing to my abusive step-father.

Linda I have made a video with this song and use it as part of a class I teach to high conflict divorced parents.

Consider how other people might feel about music that totally expresses how they feel before saying such rude things about peoples feelings.:-(I really enjoy this song. I think that a lot of teens and even adults can relate to the way that she feels. Having a mother always lean on her, being afraid, left with so many scars. My father is an alcoholic and i can relate to every line in this song.

It became my favorite because i love listening to songs i can relate to.

Often it's hard for me to cry, but everytime I put on this song it helps me to remember and I can cry again. it is related to my life in so many ways, i have only recently discovered it and i wish i had heard of it before, its given me strength to believe that im not alone. "my heart cant possibly break when it wasent whole to start with"OMGEE. Im Savannah.(: My dad left a few days ago like moved out and stuff....i really like this song because it shows im not alone....i listen to it every morning before school because if she can face the day then so can i....thank you so much for writting this song. "I cannot cry because I know that's weakness in your eyes" suggests her parents see her being upset as a weakness. You just saw your pain" suggests they couldn't see how much she was hurting...

I can't praise Kelly enough for having the balls to release such a heartfelt song. my parents are still together but they have told me that they are only still living together to keep my life as normal as possible and when i leave home my dad is moving out. I had to pick a song for school that you really liked and was to your life. I have sung this song to myself and cried over it too many times. I want to thank Kelly for writing this and I know if she got through life okay and got her dream she chased for, I know I can do it too. but the best line is "My heart can't possibly break when it wasn't even whole to start with! Ok, so I'm still a child and I haven't been abused like Kelly describes in this song. I think it's awful that parents think only about themselves when they are going through a divorce ( I understand this doesn't apply to all divorces) The kids suffer too.