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We are approaching that time of year when the salmon head for the redds to fulfill their evolutionary role.

Just what's going to happen if the river remains in its present state I have no idea.

I look forward to the new season enormously, hopefully we will see more flow and a better run in the months to come.

More importantly I look forward to seeing you all on the bank and catching up with your adventures since we last met.

Any readers that have an interest in the Somerley salmon syndicate should have received an email outlining just how we will be fishing next season.

If you have not received the email please get in touch with me or the office.

The hen made three attempts, on the second she actually made it but instead of moving on to attempt the second 500mm jump of the four step ladder came back down five minutes later.

I'm reliably informed the fish are on the redds throughout the estate with one or two very large fish amongst them.Whilst it is to early to make any definite changes by far the greater part of the replies to date favour a particular direction.I do not wish to prejudice any responses yet to be submitted so I will leave further comment at this time to simply saying, thank you so much for taking a very real interest.This is exactly the type of barrier I was speaking of in the entry a day or two ago.Just how many attempts will those two fish make at that barrier before either making it or dropping back exhausted to spawn or die lower in the river.