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I haven't ventured up there yet, but I've talked to them a few times.They haven't posted anything for a few weeks, so they may be closed.I was hoping some of you guys could recommend some good night time casa options. I know energy is open till 9 pm (though does that mean walk in before 9 or finish before 9?There's a place in Poblado, up the hill from Parque Lleras that says they are open 24 hours.And also Caracas isn't crawling with crackheads, glue sniffers, and syringe toting drug addicts like Medellin is.But then again you wouldn't be walking around late at night in Caracas anyway since it's dead at night with nothing going on.I feel more "worried" walking around el centro Medellin than el centro Caracas.

Not ready for that marriage / house business again just yet!Conejitas (Playmates) Show Bar-Calle 53 #51-41 Under the big Playboy Bunny ears sign, right across from Plaza Botero.Ejecutiva Strip Club-Calle 53 (Ave Maracaibo) #49-70 with Club Maracaibo about 2 doors to the left.Strip clubs are about the only option for "night mongering" if you are not into streetwalkers or the Lleras scene.I get your hesitation for not wanting to go to the Centro clubs alone.