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*drops the mic*' A Twitter user called Dan Aurora wanted to add some historical context to the debate.He posted: 'Sausage rolls in the modern sense appear to have been conceived in early 19th century France.

Of course, the Scandinavian sizzler previously dated manly Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo Di Caprio.

#Sausage Roll #Puff Dog #Puff Dogs #Trader Joes.' Another Twitter user pointed out that some variation of the sausage roll has been out prior in the States.

She said: 'Sorry, these aren't sausage rolls, nor are they anything new in the US.

@Trader Joes List it's your 'new invention' #puffdogs @Greggs Official #Sausage Roll,' they wrote. #Sausage Roll.' Andy Elsender said: 'Don't worry, here in the U.

Matt Angelo added: 'America you did not invent the poxy sausage roll! K., sausage rolls have been around longer than the entirety of your country.