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The MVD retained the rust brown (nettle) band but exchanged magenta piping for cornflower blue. This same cap was worn for day to day service and for parade.The enameled metal star identifies this as belonging to a sergeant or soldier.However, it takes a close look to differentiate the difference between these last two colors.

Although the rounded fiberboard visor did not officially replace the spade-shaped until 1954 (the same year the blue-topped cap was abolished), a small percentage of caps from the 1930's and 40's were manufactured with rounded visors.The lining is simple cloth - with a manufacturer's and a unit stamp. It is made from a very course burlap-type material, a feature I've seen on a number of Czarist Russian soldier caps manufactured in 1917/1918.MVD Sergeant/Soldier Parade/Service 1955-1969 This cap would have been worn by a sergeant or conscript soldier of the MVD Internal Troops.A two-part emblem consisting of the new M55 oval officers' cockade attached to a brass stamping of simulated laurel leaves was pinned through the band.Metal leaves were also pinned through the semi-circular fiberboard visor.