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Students from other institutions should follow their institution’s regulations concerning transfer credits.Payment Schedule January 15, 2018: 0 deposit due March 1, 2018: 0 payment April 2, 2018: Program cost charged to student account Early May 2018: 5 remaining balance due along with tuition & fees for Maymester. Jamaicans use a lot of gestures when communicating and expressing their feelings – this can include eye and body movements and even guttural sounds. Common examples include: If you hear conversation where you can barely discern a few English words, you can credit this either to the Jamaican accent or the ‘Jamaican patois’ or ‘creole’.Among themselves, Jamaicans speak a version of pidgin English.However, handshakes at subsequent meetings are not necessary. Physical displays between same-sex couples - such as holding hands - would not be accepted.The minimum, standard one-and-a half to two-feet distance for conversation is acceptable. They will readily join a ‘private’ conversation and share their views without being asked. Jamaicans pride themselves on being authentic in their communication.Almost everyone has an opinion on local news items and topical issues that are discussed on local talk radio.

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Nonresident/out-of-state students will pay in-state tuition plus a 0 fee in addition to the program cost.Politics are not just a neutral ideological discussion.As a professional from overseas, your objectivity would be compromised if you show any preference.A unifying topic is always West Indies cricket – if they are winning.When the team is performing poorly local pundits have their own opinions about who on the team is most responsible for the losses.