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In 1749 the first entirely Sussex Turnpike Trust was set up for “repairing the road from Hindhead Heath through Farnhurst Lane and Midhurst to the city of Chichester”.Early maps show a very old route from London to Chichester, passing through Chiddingfold, Lickfold, over Bexley Hill, Easebourne, Midhurst.The left-hand side of the road was kept very rough on purpose.Heavy wagons had no brakes, and flat bits of metal fixed with chains were put under the wheel.No doubt this happened in full view of the toll collector!Early in the 1900s it was recorded that Friday’s Hill was very steep for horses and oxen with heavy loads.

Most men rode bicycles to get to work, or still walked, or a few went by bus.The road was widened and straightened in the 1960s for to-day’s traffic, and part of the old road can be seen as a lay-by at the top. There may be a couple of others, but this one walks the hill.At least three sightings have been recorded of a maid in a cap and apron, and carrying a tray of glasses, walking the hill, and then vanishing.But it became less used with the opening of the Turnpike road.This old route is mentioned in a Hollist deed of 1314. We are going to start at the Blue Bell Inn or the Sussex Bell, Fernhurst Lane, just inside the Sussex border in the parish of Fernhurst.