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Chicha can be mixed with Coca Sek, a Colombian beverage made from coca leaf.There are a number of regional varieties of chicha, which can be roughly divided into lowland (Amazonia) and highland varieties, of which there are many.Traditionally, the women chew the washed and peeled cassava and spit the juice into a bowl.Cassava root is very starchy, and therefore the enzymes in the preparer's saliva rapidly convert the starch to simple sugar, which is further converted by wild yeast or bacteria into alcohol.Chicha morada is a non-fermented chicha usually made from ears of purple maize (maíz morado), which are boiled with pineapple rind, cinnamon, and cloves.This gives a strong, purple-colored liquid, which is then mixed with sugar and lemon.Other ways of making chicha include having people chew the corn then spit it into water and letting the mixture ferment for a few weeks.

Chancaca, a hard form of sugar (like sugar cane), helps with the fermentation process.

Santa tierra is Spanish for "blessed ground"), a tradition dating from the time of the Spanish conquest.

This tradition of spilling the first portion of the beverage (including beer) is a "brindis" or "toast" common in the highlands of Bolivia as well (including the Capital La Paz), explained as giving the first fruits to Mother Earth.

(Thus, it is used when something is not easily placed into a category.) Chicha de jora is a corn beer prepared by germinating maize, extracting the malt sugars, boiling the wort, and fermenting it in large vessels, traditionally huge earthenware vats, for several days.

Usually, the brewer makes chicha in large amounts and uses many of these clay vats to do so.