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Expanding your dating pool means dating outside the circle in which you previously confined yourself.

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When dating a man of another culture, race or ethnicity, take that time to relish in the new experiences and perspectives. Rather, be open to the new, and try to appreciate the differences in culture, food, language and overall views.This includes White men, Jewish men, Hispanic men, Asian men, European men, African men.When you think like that, then just like "that," you have infinitely more options and voila, you have expanded your pool.I seem to have struck something last week — whether it was a nerve or a cord, something resonated with people when they read my column, "Dating Outside My Race." I knew before writing it that I was onto something, because the topic of the lack of eligible Black men is, one way or another, a constant source of conversation.My point was and still is: If you want to expand your options, you have to expand your dating pool...