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By Retrograde - Forum Link Java Security Warning This week it was announced that there was a security issue in the current version of java, we highly recommend you update as soon as you can, for more info check here.

The full list of proposed changed can be found in our feature feedback thread here. Easter is upon us, and that mean several things, namely, the Easter bunny!

The bunny will now spawn automatically on Easter, rather than being summoned.

Currently the project is still in its early stages, with planning and preperation being done before introducing the new map.

As Golden Valley is also the login server, migrating databases is a little tricky, so due to this we will simply be changing the map with all items and buildings remaining.

This week saw a fix for caves that had large spaces with floors that weren't reinforced.

This affected a few players negatively, and was quickly removed.

We'll be hosting a special giveaway for those who have jumped on and tested it out, upon testing, you'll be able to fill out a quick survey about your experience and ensure that it all went smoothly.

Patch Notes Pv P Changes After a week of discussion with the dev team, we ave compiled a list of changes that we feel help improve the current mechanics of Pv P servers, as well as pacing the way for the larger update later in the year.

These changed are now open for discussion and feedback, and we will for with you over the following week to ensure that they are positive changes.

I'm pleased to announce that Firestarter has filled the shoes of LFM, with Pandalet taking over as Assistant LFM.

We will continue to work closely to ensure that practices remain as transparent and smoothly operating as possible.