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The heels have already done their job as part of Hahn's two-day New York City promotional roller coaster. It's loosely based on Chris Kraus' 1997 epistolary novel of the same name; Hahn plays Kraus.

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But the scenes aren't purely for titillation (well…maybe some are).Hahn is a mother of two herself, though she’s not like either of them — though she does worry endlessly about how best to raise her kids. You’re handed this perfect, gorgeous, untainted, pure being. I just wanted to go so bad, even though it had stuff that was controversial or nude. There’s a line in the movie where Mila Kunis’ character tells her son to do the dishes and make himself food so he doesn’t grow up to be a horrible troll. One of my biggest challenges as a mom is I really love a clean house.I’m not a parent, but I imagine reading a script about rebellious moms is really thrilling if you are. You feel like, ‘This is my chance to curate their experiences and make the most amazing, brilliant, most empathetic soul on the planet.’ And of course, it’s just one lesson after another of how out-of-control you are. I did take my son to a big Cindy Sherman exhibit in L. I would clean up, absentmindedly, for them for awhile, because I didn’t like s—t all over the place. I feel like everyone has to justify the way they're parenting their child, because otherwise they're doing it wrong.“It’s a little complicated with children, but they are young enough that they can travel with us,” she says.While Hahn initially didn’t want to do television because the schedule is difficult for her as a mom, she says this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.