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And now, check out the 10 Recent Times Celebrities Have Hooked Up with Normals.

Certainly, Tiger Woods' checkered past hasn't left your mind.

In December 2009, more than a dozen women claimed to various media outlets to have had affairs with the famous golfer.

Soon after, his wife left him and he was dropped from countless million-dollar endorsement deals.

(Yes, it amounts to a whopping 37 victims.) Here they are.

Gabrielle Union was a victim in the 2014 i Cloud hack.

Favre admitted to sexting the employee but has denied sending any explicit photos. Dorell Wright Let this be your lesson to not get naked on Skype.

Fast forward to today, and it’s happening all over again—like some horribly skeevy Internet version of Groundhog Day.Naturally, in the coverage of the scandal, a female reporter asked Oden how he felt about everyone being "impressed" with the size of his package.Michael Vick We all know Vick was a d*ck for running a dog fighting ring. In early 2005, a former girlfriend of the football star accused him of knowingly transmitting genital herpes. Fred Smoot If you really want to know how athletes party when they get a week off, just ask the 2005 Vikings team.He was accused of rape by a 19-year-old hotel employee.Details of the night covered various media outlets.