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The river finished with 355 landed salmon including one of the biggest of the country for the season an old male 107 cm long as seen here below.

Jökla has a short history as a salmon river, dating back to 2010.

Add to that 5-6 weeks of record droughts with the water levels receeding by the day and the salmon cramming into ultra deep small potholes.

Add to that far above average autumn flooding, some of the most fierce seen ever, rendering the river unfishable exactly when the fishing was supposed to pick up due to the autumn rain. The runs were average and the river and its tributaries are not as affected by the droughts and floods as is the Breiðdalsá.

All had successful starts to the season, eight landed on the first three shifts on Jökla, plus one caught by a trout fisherman on the last day of June far up the valley.

Allt but one were mws's, big and silvery torpedoes.

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The start is a success and grilse arriving early give hope that their runs will be strong in 2017.

You may take note that Hrúta is fully booked but there are some very good looking openings on both Breiðdalsá and Jökla, plus on both we can combine salmon fishing with some outstanding brown trout and sea char fishing.

The season has started and got off to a fine start.

Our salmon rivers were opened for fishing at the turn of the month but one specific thing has overshadowed all else.