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He ordered me to massacre them and i cut off his ear.I saw that Krasniqi separates woman and he took her eyes out, and then cutting both hands above the wrists and both ears.- The commander of the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) singled out a young girl of 10-11 years. He ordered me to hold the little girl while he raped her.I've heard that she screamed in pain, and someone in the crowd called out: "O daughter Jovana! After that, he ordered that I rape her, which I did. KLA soldiers were waiting for their turn to rape her - said Luan Mazreku at the hearing, Albanian terrorists who participated in the massacre of Serbs in Klecka in Kosovo, and it is written in the book.AFTER KIDNAPPING SERBS WERE TAKEN TO VILLAGE KLECKA - The crime scene was located at the exit of the village of Klecka and was surrounded by trees.On the spot, to the right, there was a barracks enclosed by walls and fences, where, according to a statement of Luan Mazreku, the KLA was located. Along the road toward the hill, a lime pit to the left - crematorium. The terrorists used this as a prison - explained the terrorist Luan Mazreku.We found wire which was bend in a shape of a circle which terrorists obviously used to torture their prisoners and innocent people, women and children - she adds.According to testimony of Luan Mazreku, the civilians were brought.

The massacred the most those few Serbian policemen.By disentangling the heady mix of nationalism, chauvinism, ethnicity and gender construction, Vesna Kesic asks however, how far we really have advanced in our attitudes towards rape and institutionalised violence against women.Two images have been haunting me since the wars began in the former Yugoslavia in 1991.Women, children and powerless and innocent peasants died there, just because they were Serbs - said Danica.Based on the information received and on the defense of the defendants, brothers, Luan and Bekim Mazreku, who took her to the crime scene, she found that the KLA first kidnapped 43 Serbs, and then took them to the village of Klecka.