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If a word is not defined in this Chapter, but is defined in the Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (Chapter 22), as amended, the definition in that ordinance shall apply.If a word is defined in both this Chapter and another Township ordinance, each definition shall apply to the provisions of each applicable ordinance.The C-HR’s interior boasts upscale materials and an attention to detail rarely found in comparably-priced crossovers.Standard soft-touch materials and a leather-trimmed steering wheel offer a sense of sophistication throughout the cabin, while dual-zone automatic climate control keeps passengers comfortable on the road.A privately owned, constructed and maintained vehicular access roadway accessing more than one dwelling unit or more than one commercial, institutional or industrial principal use.See also "driveway."One combined entrance/exit point, or one clearly defined entrance point separated from another clearly defined exit point.

Standard 18-inch wheels create an athletic stance while the aerodynamic spoiler adds a touch of sportiness to the new crossover.

She was very professional, arrived early, and got all the shots we wanted.

My first photographer quit suddenly and she was an amazing fill in.

I wished I would have went with her from the start.

On the day of the wedding it was cloudy and slightly raining.