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After what felt like a (divine) age, the Fo Xtress proceeded to untie me, slowly and teasingly…

” I was imprisoned at The Facility for the fifth time – which fact is surely testimonial enough in itself.

”I was scared coming to the event simply because I had seen various clips of you in session.

Being attracted to strong women your reputation precedes you and I was a fan but in awe of you.

But I spent my time being hooded handcuffed and frogmarched to different cages placed in them and also got sent down to the dungeon.“Visited The extended bondage day 7/11 2017 for the second time (and it will also be a third time).

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If you have attended a party and wish to submit a testimonial, please send yours to I had been toying with the idea of attending a Domina Party for a while, but was apprehensive that it would it would not satisfy my specific kinks and fantasies.

Over the course of the afternoon I received several challenging whippings or canings from punisher-in-chief Mistress Absolute, including an intense session with a single tail.

In fact I had only one period in the relative safety and comfort of a (somewhat chilly) cell, being otherwise moved backwards and forwards for punishment.

You are very statuesque as you stand tall above the males you dominate.

Your jet black hair and your strict no nonsense approach is such a turn on…and from the night in question looking up at you as you fucked me…