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And as people get older and date many different people, their image of the perfect partner can become more refined and more rigid.

While being discerning and having a clear idea of what you are looking for has its value, it is paradoxically important to let go of what you think the perfect partner is.

Casey says, “First impressions are made in milliseconds, so make it last.” For guys, this means no hand-knitted sweaters, flip-flops or stained t-shirts with inappropriate sayings. For the girls, Casey says, “I know how disheartening it can be to keep putting in all that effort date after date. Put on your best heels, your favourite lipstick and get yourself looking like the fabulous person you are.” Everybody has an image of the perfect spouse.

It’s about choosing someone who can become your life partner and can grow with.

Casey urges singles to take the time to think about who they really are, and who will be the ideal partner for them.

She turned to Eyal and said wistfully, “I wish every guy and girl would just say one sentence to each other.” And so Casey’s Shmingles was born.

As the owner of a wildly successful events company, Casey had all the know-how of arranging fabulous events and was intent for her speed dating to be just that.