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However, we also wanted to collect a user’s location if they want to make impact locally and know a user’s skills if they were interested in skills-based volunteering.In addition, we set out to include the social aspect of volunteering in our conversation and be as transparent about the impact and commitment of each nonprofit as possible.Users should know what they are going to spend time with and what results they will achieve in the first one or two steps of interaction.If you need a specific type of response from your user, make sure that request is made explicitly and simply.

However, they can create unnecessary frustrations when used without a strong reason.This will inform you on how your bot might be able to improve upon the existing interaction and the tone and content of your bot.Since our user testing focused on Northwestern students, we conducted six interviews on students’ attitudes towards volunteering.Maintain a conversational tone to keep the interaction fun.Use emojis if it feels appropriate and don’t be afraid to be a little informal.