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Your reactions to the “Bad Boys & Addictions” article was swift and enthusiastic.Turns out that almost every woman has had some kind of experience with bad boys, not all of them healthy. ” Here’s one from Theresa: This post really hit me.RELATED VIDEO: See Where 5 Stars Were Before They Were Famous “Looking around at all of my friends, every single one of us has gone through that.We’re all normal, thriving, gorgeous, super-smart, dope-ass ladies, but we had to do it.’ Don’t let me be the one to tell you how to live your life!

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That little bit of rebellion will spur you on to think more creatively, and in time become more successful, because crazy sock-wearing is the hallmark of a champion and a boss.

He began in show business as a stand-up comic and impressionist, gaining notice in 1954 as a winner on Arthur Godfrey's , a sitcom created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry lampooning the James Bond spy genre.

Adams played the buttoned-down but inept Maxwell Smart, who worked as Agent 86 for the government intelligence agency C.

In other words, wearing certain clothing can change the way we think and act, and can give us the confidence to take on certain tasks we might not normally want to do.

Thus, wearing crazy socks may help us feel more courageous and more willing to take chances.