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In fact, I push the boundaries even in areas like clothing.

When my son Bobby was born, I put his older sister’s perfectly good outgrown pink baby clothes on him (I would have bought gender neutral baby clothes to start with, but we were given a mountain of used girl baby clothes and we were poor college students so I wasn’t going to turn them down).

I read somewhere that gender becomes important to children in their preschool and early elementary years as part of their efforts to figure out the world around them. Except for the physical realities of things like sexual reproduction, there is little in our biology to mark us “male” or “female.” Why can’t we all just be people and leave gender behind entirely, I wondered?

Perhaps that’s part of what is going on here—perhaps Sally simply wants to know (and assert) where she fits in this complicated world we live in. At first Sally’s strong identification as a girl bothered me. But gender is a social construct, right, and aren’t we, as feminists, supposed to be breaking it down? Was it because I had accidentally let patriarchal gender norms influence her?

(I wish I could find these articles and link them here, but I seem to have lost them!

)I have learned recently that being a girl is very important to Sally.

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- Living IN the Closet - How to be yourself in Public - Thoughts of Transitioning - Living with your Male and Female side in harmony - Crossdressing and Autogynephilia - Living with a Crossdresser - Dating a Crossdresser - Am I "normal"? - All dressed up and nowhere to go We will put together a weekly, monthly, and/or yearly schedule so that you can get the most out of every time you dress.Does transition reinforce the gender binary by telling girls that if they like male-coded toys and play they must be really boys, and vice versa?It may seem odd, but being the parent of two apparenlty cis kids has made me feel an incredible amount of support for parents of trans kids.Gender performance and gender identity may be related, but they’re not identical.My children’s gender performance is all over the map, but they both identify with the gender they were assigned at birth.