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Pursuant to s 18(2) of the MDA, they were also presumed, until the contrary was proven, to have known the nature of the Drugs.8 The crux of the case, therefore, was whether Hamidah and Ilechukwu could prove on a balance of probability that each of them did not know about the Drugs: ”) at [23]–[24] and [31].The prosecution took the position that both Hamidah and Ilechukwu had not rebutted the presumption of knowledge under s 18(2) of the MDA.[2011] 3 SLR 201 (see [23]–[28] of the judgment), there was no consistent pattern of conduct which induced Hamidah into believing that she was not delivering drugs for Bengoodman.Rather, the evidence showed that Hamidah was suspicious of Bengoodman on the occasions that she helped him.24 On 13 November 2011, Bengoodman made his fourth and final request.Hamidah’s evidence was that she had also checked the contents of the luggage for drugs on that occasion.

As for the third request, Hamidah decided not to use her real name but chose to use her alias, “Maria”.Her assessment of Bengoodman in court suggested that she could not have believed that Bengoodman would not harm her.Hamidah admitted during cross-examination that she knew very little about Bengoodman, It was also apparent from the SMS message dated 11 November 2011 ([11] above) that she had doubts about whether Bengoodman actually loved her.14 Further evidence of distrust is found in certain aspects of Hamidah’s conduct.The analysis revealed that A1 contained not less than 980.2g of methamphetamine and A2 contained not less than 983.1g of methamphetamine, adding to a total of not less than 1963.3g of methamphetamine (“the Drugs”).7 Hamidah did not dispute that she was, at the time of her arrest, in control and possession of the Black Luggage in which the Drugs were found.However, she denied knowledge of the Drugs in the Black Luggage. Since Hamidah and Ilechukwu had the Black Luggage in their possession at the material time, by virtue of s 18(1)() of the MDA, the Drugs were presumed to have been in their possession at those times.