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I think intentions should always be good and equitable. Attraction for more dating and relationship advice (in helpful categories)!

In the end though, I recognize that there are many styles of love and each person has preferences.

"Reference: W004763, Name: Yao Qin, Height: 1.63m, Date of Birth: 07.1987," read one.

"Lives in Shanghai, has a university degree, annual income 20,000 to 50,000 yuan." Just over 10,000 tickets for the event were officially sold, but Shu Xin, one of the organisers, claimed that 20,000 people had visited yesterday and 18,500 on Saturday.

She had read my "Just Ask" articles, liked them, but couldn't see herself being so "direct".

The majority of that group is women, some very conservative and proper.That is why I try to mix up my advice from "mild" to "spicy". Some people are straight-forward and concrete, others indirect and flirty..in the middle. After listening to some of my friends' reactions, I got to wondering what my readers thought.After all, it is a common expression to hear "all is fair in love and war". Is it ok or even beneficial to be persuasive or influential? Does "everybody" manipulate a little anyway, in their initial hiding of embarrassing secrets, embellishment of strengths, and use of makeup, nice suits, or push-up bras? Is it only appropriate to be serious, authentic, and display our true selves for the judgment of potential dating partners? On one hand, during my weekend, I found people who approved of the use of indirect influence techniques to get a date.