Dating antique glass

This is a single shutter door made up of teak wood and is over a century old.

There is a carved panel, devotional and mythological in them...

This bronze mask, used in battle by the warriors advancing on foot, is a relic from the Theyyam worshipers, of North Kerala and Malabar.

It is the face of a wild boar, in all its ferocious strength. This newly build royal chair gives a complete posh look to your living area because of its elegant antique design.

With "old" being "new" again there has been a vintage revival and these items have become most sought after.

Made of Terracota and coated with vegetable paint, this hanuman sculpture is a beautiful antique sculpture which is 125 years old.

Made of wood with overlays of bronze, dating back to the Mid 17th Century, it still retains all its original hand carvings and decorations. This carving of the God of Garuda has been sourced from Chettinad temples where they were used as decorative items.

Made out of bronze, in the 18th century, it shows the traditional pose of the bird-like Hindu god, who i...

Mounted on a carved base that allows the horse to be upright in a rearing position, this piece is made entirely out of teak woo...

This is a beautiful, unique & gorgeous hand work on solid metal bronze figure of Hindu god Hanuman.

Bless your place and heighten the beauty and spirituality of your house or work place with this handmade god Hanuman...

Lord Krishna, according to Hindu Mythology, held particular reverence for the beauty of shepherd or cowherding girls.

These women, in turn, worshipped Krishna unconditionally with utmost love. This camel cart is extremely well preserved and almost one of it’s kind.