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Many people detest a middle seat while flying, but it’s the best choice when flying a dog on a plane.There is more room under the middle seat, which gives your dog, and your feet, a little more space.Write down the names of anyone you speak to, and print out any emails from of the airlines that confirm your pet’s reservation.Look up your airline’s requirements for the size and type of carrier that you are allowed to bring your pet in.However, the airline is usually only responsible for the crate during the flight, not necessarily the animal inside.Be sure to determine the airline’s responsibility to your pet when checking your pet into baggage cargo.Service animals can travel in the cabin outside of a carrier with a disabled passenger on many airlines.As far as traveling with your dog for emotional support, the Americans With Disability Act in America, states that “individuals who travel with emotional support animals or psychiatric service animals may need to provide documentation to establish that they have a disability and the reason the animal must go with them.” In the United Kingdom, there are very strict procedures and rules for traveling with service and emotional support animals.

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Individual airlines only allow a certain amount of pets per cabin and cargo, so call to make sure there is room for your dog.

Also, a pet will travel best when they are completely comfortable in their travel crate, so proper crate training in essential before flying a dog on a plane.

Before you leave for the airport giving your dog a long walk will help them relax and get ready for the long trip ahead. Also, make sure your dog has freshly trimmed nails, in case they get nervous during the flight.

You want to avoid the doggie nail damage to their pet carrier during flight.

It is a good rule of thumb, not to give your dog food or water two hours before travel.