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It colors the way we process her character and what we expect.And when Val is brought on to the group call, we see the teens shift into more civil versions of themselves, barely hinting at the vitriol they're all keeping under the surface. But the point the film makes is more about the secrecy and lack of humanity in which we operate, and how our digital lives allow us to really lean into that.This "ghost" could easily be a hacker, and could ruin the teens' lives as much as any paranormal force.Ultimately, Blaire and her friends realize just how little they know each other.A period here, an extra couple of words there, or a "hi" instead of "hello" can change the way we come across.On Facebook or Twitter, we create an identity through a pastiche of pictures, "likes," and messages.'s main conceit is that we witness everything through Blaire's computer screen.

We use this identity-altering power to make ourselves seem like people we'd approve of.

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By now, we intuitively know what a Facebook alert sounds like, and how it's different from a Skype phone call's ring.

And most of us know what the gray bubble means on an i Message.