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The task of change within the Catholic Church will fall mainly to committed Catholics, and not just the clerics.

and thankfully, many institutional responses which were routine in the past are now unthinkable because they did not put the interests of children first.

The commission will present its report to the Governor-General, and the commissioners will return to private life or to their previous public offices.

It is impossible not to share the anger many survivors have felt when they tell us of their betrayal by people they believed they were entitled to trust,' he said...Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has recommended to Australian federal and State governments, that the Catholic ‘seal of confession’ should not exempt priests from a proposed offence of ‘failure to report’.It would seem that my Church has learnt little from this criminal failure of pastoral responsibility that ruined the lives of so many children...CEO of the Catholic Church’s Truth Justice and Healing Council , Francis Sullivan , has called on the P rime M inister, state premiers and chief ministers to immediately set up a COAG committee to implement the recommendations in the Royal Commission’s final report .r Sullivan says once the report is in the public domain , which is expected to be this Friday, all participants including the Catholic Church need to start working immediately on implement ing its recommendations .The task of public scrutiny will fall to parliaments and the media but without the ongoing forensic activity of a royal commission.The commission has unearthed a continent of human suffering and mountains of institutional obfuscation.