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Washington Duke, in top hat and vest, sits on front porch with tobacco leaves in his lap.

Pictured on the front page of this section are buildings made possible by the wealth of these men and others: Hotel Carr-o-lina (Carr); Trinity College (Duke); and Watts Hospital (George W.

Blackwell, the first major tobacco products manufacturer in Durham during and after the Civil War.

Tintype portrait of beringed young woman dressed in the fashion of the day --- ribboned straw hat, high stock collar with brooch, and fur-trimmed double-breasted empire-waisted coat. May be some sort of costume.)Family of Ulysses and Anna Goodwin.

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Grand Central Barber was located behind it, and fence was painted with Blackwell's Durham Tobacco ad.

Tintype of corner where Carrington's Bar and Hotel stood.

Wintry scene of the two buildings of James Bennett's place, where Gen.

Large three-story building of classically-inspired architecture sits near a main street. House with ornate porch decorations was once located at the corner of W.

W.'s wife, Callie Jane Davis Burch, on the porch, and Caroline Washington Burch, at bottom of steps.