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I didn't want to blow my entire gift-card on the one item, so I used those lamps as inspiration to create this Look For Less for my Spring / Summer Bedroom Re Style.Blue Ralph Lauren lamps on their 'Home' site go for 0 - 00 -- and my thrift lamp revamp total came to only total, which is why I heart thrifting: You never know what treasure you'll find, you can personalize it, and you save these items from ending up in a land-fill. These terracotta urns I've had since my apartment days - LOVE their shape weight.

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We are confident that they will help you see the light.Finding the perfect shade for your favorite lamp can be tricky.We've put together eight successful pairings to help guide you through the process.A great alternative for panels to frame a window is to use drop cloths (you can paint your own design or leave natural) or buy patterned tablecloths.For us: this window faces north, so it doesn't get direct sun and doesn't need heavy black panels.

Updating white ginger jar lamps