Radioactive dating definition in biology

The radioactivity detector is used for the detection of radioactive rays like; alpha, beta and gamma rays.

The Geiger counter, or Geiger-Muller counter, is a common radioactive detector which used to measures ionizing radiation.

) present in the atmosphere has been constant over long periods of years.

This C-14 has been consumed by plants as well as by other living organism and remains constant for a long time, hence can be detected easily.

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Rutherford was first to observed the decay of radon by the loss of alpha and beta particles by the preceding elements.

The atoms of radioactive elements on the emission of alpha particles and beta particles would change into atoms of another element.

This change is spontaneous and occurs due to instability of heavy nuclei.

Natural radioactive elements decay naturally without any external effect until the convert in stable nuclei.

For example; Uranium-238 disintegrated in to Thorium-234 by the emission of alpha particle which further changes in Protactinium-234 by the loss of a beta particle and anti-neutrino. Artificial transmutation The conversion of one element into another by artificial means is known as artificial transmutation.