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Aside from the public chat rooms which is the basic service we provide, you could use private messaging/ private chat rooms to extend your relationship with the stranger you have come to know.

The only thing that has to be kept in concern is being polite.

ONLINE EDITION UPDATED July 2012 FRANCES GREEN email [email protected]Gayellow Pages is published by Renaissance House, PO Box 533 Village Station, New York, NY 10014-0533 Phone and fax 646-213-0263 Email [email protected] Web page business or organization listed in Gayellow Pages is necessarily owned by homosexuals, or specifically welcomes their participation or patronage, unless so indicated by the appropriate symbols.

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Check for assistance available for the deaf and hearing-impaired N Naturist, or Clothing Optional accommodation smoke-free property smoke-free indoors ( ) indoor smoking areas c Pets welcome (c?

) Ask about pets High speed internet available to visitors Wheelchair Accessibility of premises or meeting place: Accessible premises and lavatory Accessible premises with help; accessible lavatory Accessible premises; lavatory not known to be accessible Accessible premises with help Call ahead for details: places of meetings or activities vary, or special arrangements available.