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According to David Kirkpatrick’s book The Facebook Effect:“[Sean] had rented a house right by the beach with several friends, including a young woman who was his assistant at the company.That she wasn’t yet twenty-one would figure in Parker’s later difficulties.Parker, who had signed the rental agreement for the house, was taken to the police station.When he got there he learned there had been reports of drug use following the party two nights earlier. he was released immediately.”Sean wasn’t let go or fired, Facebook’s first investor, Peter Thiel, convinced Parker it was best for Facebook and them to part ways. Was that really Bill Gates making a cameo as himself in the film? Fincher told EW that “It was actually this guy from Seattle, who I think on his website is known as the No.After a lengthy back-and-forth over whether there was even enough evidence to book him, Parker was arrested for felony possession of cocaine. 1 Bill Gates impersonator in the world.” The actor’s name is as a work of fiction, and has even said that he has no interest or plans to ever see it.However, the Facebook co-founder and CEO was supossedly sighted an an advance screening of The Social Network in Seattle Washington.How come Zuckerberg’s current and long-time girlfriend Priscilla Chan isn’t even mentioned in the movie? Has Zuckerberg seen the movie, and if so, what does he think?If some of the facts are changed, why doesn’t Mark or Facebook sue? Vulture has an interview with an anonymous former-Final Club member/Harvard grad which clears up many of the questions you may have.

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But finally, after about an hour, a policeman triumphantly returned brandishing a plastic bag containing white powder.

It should be mentioned that Mark supposedly met his current and long-time girlfriend Priscilla Chan in the winter of his sophomore year, which was around the same time that he founded Thefacebook.

However, the two of them did not start dating until after Mark hired Pricilla to work at Facebook in 2005.

Was Rooney Mara‘s character Erica Albright even a real person?

Did Mark Zuckerberg really call his girlfriend a “Bitch” in a blog post while creating Facemash? If so, how did it get 22,000 hits when Harvard doesn’t have that many students?