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By the time I got done burning it onto a disk, Lauren called.Humiliation twiste[INCEST] By Jig Slama [Two cousins let their forbidden desires take control.] I used to have some very interesting visits with my cousin, Becca.Visits that often left me feeling confused but also very excited."Dadd[INCEST/Glory Hole] By Dirty Hubby504 [Daddy pushes Lauren further in this final chapter.] Two days ago, my friend Bill called me from a certain porn store to tell me that he saw my daughter go into a booth that is the huskiness end of a glory hole.I was shocked by what I heard, and didn't want[INCEST/Mother-Son] By Kinky Cc75 [Daddy/Daughter Role-Play while on vacation.] Andy can normally see it coming a day or two before Catherine can.