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If you choose to use product updates as well as content updates, you should not replicate product updates between sites because these updates can be quite large, and one exists for every language that you select.

For more information, please see Setting up sites and replication and Specifying which data to replicate.

Download - To transfer data from one computer to another. Encrypted Virus - A virus that uses encryption to hide itself from virus scanners.

Exploit - A program or technique that takes advantage of a vulnerability in software to attack its host.

Macro virus - A virus hidden within an application that must be executed in order to execute the virus.Upload - To send a file from one computer to another.Variants - New strains of viruses that use some of the code from other viruses.Master Boot Record - The first logical sector on a disk containing the partition table and master boot loader.Network – A number of computers connected together to share information and hardware.