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'He totally ruined my body, but the part that hurt the most was that he totally ignored it and didn't offer to do anything for me,' she says.According to Trisha, Dr Stanley told her to keep massaging her breasts and the lumps would go away, but now she feels certain that the lumps are permanent, and will always cause her mammogram results to appear abnormal. It's pretty important that a woman know that,' she says.as Ally, a role previously inhabited by Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand.The film marked the directorial debut of Bradley Cooper, who was set to co-star in his feature.'It was like he just cut around my nipple and sewed it back together,' she says.When Trisha went back to Dr Stanley for a follow-up appointment she told him she wasn't happy with the results of the procedures.The attorney says that Dr Stanley has never claimed that he is a board certified cosmetic surgeon, and 'if anyone says that he told them that, he denies it.' Shomaker seems to see the outcomes of surgeries like Trisha's as subjective.'These cosmetic surgeries, you put it in a big bag and it's basically changing someone's appearance, hopefully for the better.

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But the cases are in the discovery stages, and he's confident that once they have all the information, he and his client will 'prevail.' When Dr Stanley showed Trisha her before and after pictures she said she saw no difference, at least not a positive one.Trisha contacted the woman through social media, and found out that she had filed a lawsuit against Dr Stanley. Now, a total of 15 women have filed medical malpractice suits against Dr Stanley.Sculpt told Daily Mail Online that Dr Stanley was away from the office, and said to call his lawyer, Thomas Shomaker.Trisha remembers seeing herself in the mirror after the surgeries and crying.Upset and sure that this couldn't be a normal outcome, she went looking for reviews of Dr Stanley and found a woman with similar complaints to hers.