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If your online sweetheart asks for money, you can expect it’s a scam.

Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common.

And if the person’s online profile disappears a few days after they meet you, that’s another tip-off.

I asked him to send me a photo to prove he was the guy in the photos, and he did. This guy had pictures, but I am positive they were stolen. I will be blocking the guy, but I wanted to check this first. I've been scammed in different ways before, so hopefully, I learned by now.

, he said No can I go and buy some itunes cards for him is there a Walmart or something close by? I received pictures but in my heart I know this man isn't who he said he is and one day he said under his breathe, I didn't mean to fall in love with the victim ... I am not sending anymore money and his name is Kimble Tamara but called Kim and he is from Australian and Mauritius and 56 years of age... I check him out didn't find anything about him. Can someone help me find out who he is I have been reading the stories from the other ladies and it makes me so relieved that I haven't sent any money to a man who reached out in exactly the same way as he has to you.

, I said incredulously "You want me to buy you itunes cards! just horrible Gerrard Hann Ulrich, also goes by Gerrard Car, is a lying scammer. He uses on-line dating sites to catch women mostly 35-60. He is widowed, with a daughter that lives with his mother.

and the driver lost a leg and he broke his arm and was in hospital for 1 week ... then I got on some sites like this and feel for all those people who got involved with these loser scammers. there were a few red flags that in hind sight, I should have followed my intuition and seen the situation for what it was. Take the area code of the phone # he gives you and google it along with the word scam, and see what comes up. Find out what company he works/worked for and contact them. If he won't give you any real information, he is scamming you. They won't marry you, they will not even meet with you. Block him on your phone and any means you have elsewhere. Had a brother but he was in to drugs very bad and hasn't seen him for many years. If he's working on an oil rig, FYI...those guys make a LOT of's a scam. Call his bluff..him you'll send money after marrying him. This guy started to text me out of the blue states I gave him my cell number but could be the same scammers just got the supposedly a net work engineer... no mention of the mother and I am assuming she is deceased...already has said his son would love a step mum...yeah NO...too soon for talk like number comes up to a landline in Massachusetts claims he lives in Cox Creek would be great not enough time to deal with the scammers.... I was on and a gentleman email me and said his friend saw me and thought I look like I had myself together and he was from GA and this friend was a widow and has a 14 year old daughter that is in London being raised by the Nanny and he is a Engineer and over in South Africa at this time working on a project and building Unit Flats for Koeberg in SA.

and when he got out, he was supposedly talking to me from his hotel room and he asked me if I knew what itunes cards were, I said yes, he asked if he could help me with one, I said you want to know how to input the information into itunes from the card? Sadly I missed out on a great local guy because this scammer guy seemed so great...lesson learned..more involvement unless I can prove someone is real. I did question the guy about coming to see me weeks after first contact..then pulled the "have to go to Singapore to do engineering project" then the accident..same stringing along situation. I have talked to him on the phone, he has a slight Swedish accent. I mat a man from Dominican Republic saying that he love me and want to be with me we been talking for eight month he said he was coming in December of 2016 I sent him lot of money for his visa and his ticket to travel before December he sent me a chat n said his grandmother had pass away n January of this he chat again n said he could get a visa because he need a bank account here than I realize it was all a lie now he back ask for money for food and internat all lies Been reading up on some of these stories and I been talking to this guy who added me on Facebook and he tells me he loves me and he wants to merry me and he calls and texts me all the time..we been talking for about a month and here it comes he said he sent ten thousand dollars out but he didnt have the rest yo send so he ask me for help for two thousand dollars to send but I told him in couldn't help him out untill the end of the month.I asked him point blank if it was a scam he said no and for me to trust him more... I sent him money via money gram and I spoken with him and he is suppose to be a millionarie but can't get his money because SA airport stole his computer, etc.