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Handy Multipack This pack contains three canisters of powdered creamer, so you can stock multiple coffee stations with it or keep some stored away for later use.

Corset training with steel boned corsets help a lot in addition with hormones to give us TGirls wonderful curves!

There are very different sensations felt on from red and black ends.

You will want to place the black ends where you want the most sensation to be felt.

Convenient Powder Because it's in powder form, you don't have to worry about stains or splashes.

It's also simple to dispense just the right amount because it can be easily measured with a spoon.

You should never place a TENS unit on the following areas (largely stoken from wikipedia to save time): * On or near the eyes* In the mouth* Transcerebrally (on each temple)* On the front of the neck (due to the risk of acute hypotension through a vasovagal reflex)* On areas of numb skin/decreased sensation* On broken skin areas or wounds* On or near the trigeminal nerve if you have a history of herpes zoster induced trigeminal neuralgia (Postherpetic neuralgia)TENS should also be used with caution in people with epilepsy or pregnant women (do not use over area of the uterus as the effects of electrical stimulation over the developing fetus are not known).

TENS should not be used by people with an artificial cardiac pacemaker due to risk of interference and failure of their implanted device.

Before I go into how to use the unit or some fun places to use it, lets go over saftey kiddies.

I use this tape so I can re-use the same pads for a year.

It will save you countless dollars in pads if you use tape and just clean the pads after every use when it is applied to unclean skin, on skin in an unclean area or if you want to let someone else use the pads.

Ok, so with the bad places out of the way, lets go over some fun places to use the TENS unit.

To understand optimal placement I highly encourage Doms to try out the TENS unit on themself before they use it on their Sub.