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What they uncovered was deeply disturbing – a pedophile ring operating semi-covertly within a user-created park known as ‘Wonderland’.

Here people were able to perform in virtual “Age Play” using both children and adult avatars for sexual purposes.

In terms of partaking in “Age Play,” the controversy behind such an act will become all the more complex.

Again, this technology could be used to help enhance “Age Play” between consenting adults by destroying the distance barrier, whereby people will be able to acquire their sexual fantasies by teleporting their avatar to wherever their consenting partner may preside.

Unlike in the physical world, where we can clearly establish a legal boundary line between consenting adults and legitimate pedophilia in regards to “Age Play,” in the virtual world we’re left with the anonymity of avatars, in which is much more difficult in establishing a distinction between harmless “Age Play” and legitimate pedophilia.

Fact of the matter is that we have no idea who is really behind those avatars.

Here people will be able to teleport the virtual world into the physical, material space – the blurring of our online world with the offline.

​ Augmented Reality: AR is another exponentially growing technology that is starting to emerge in society, with the most recent development being Magic Leap whom acquired 2 million in funding by Google just last year.While it’s certainly possible that consenting adults are using the virtual world to enhance their roleplaying by integrating “realness” in their characters, there is still the subsequent possibility of those hiding behind both children and adult avatars are, in fact, underage children in reality.Which would then raise the question: if two avatars are having sex in a virtual world, and one of those controlling an avatar is an underage child and the other an adult, can we consider this a clear act of pedophilia?A few months ago I made the case here on IEET on the future possibilities of sex crimes as a result of exponentially growing technologies, from drones to haptic body suits.I didn’t make the case to try to convince people from refraining to use these technologies – especially for sexual purposes – but rather to stoke a discussion on the possible risks of said technologies and start developing a means to mitigate these risks if and when they present themselves.