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Just stick the HIS and HERS surveys in a gift bag This clever panty wreath is actually an idea for a sexy surprise for the hubby, but we think it would also make the perfect bridal shower gift!

What bride wouldn’t LOVE a whole wreath full of new fun, flirty underwear?

The poem that goes with it is the perfect combination of clever and sweet.

The basic idea is that you’ll be giving the bride and groom a collection of candles- each for a special moment in their married life. Fill a gift basket with everything the bride and groom will need for a fun movie date night!

Most carbon consists of the isotopes carbon 12 and carbon 13, which are very stable.

Ask her bridesmaids, parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends to each write a letter. Each year on their anniversary, the couple can fill out the included time capsule letter!

This 25-piece gift set includes everything the bride and groom need to capture and preserve the memories of their wedding day, honeymoon, and first year together.

The idea is to seal the time capsule on their first anniversary with plans to open it up years later- perhaps on another special anniversary. Use the bride and groom’s kitchen colors to create a wreath using dish towels and washcloths.

Many newly married couples feel awkward or uncomfortable discussing the more intimate aspects of their marriage.

But it’s so important, and this printable Sexy Survey makes it easy to do!