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Choose only those you need and add them to your store. Experiment on business strategies and discover new channels of distribution. Learn more about products app Accept any type of payment. Set up custom buttons to accept cash, checks, gift cards or any payment type you want. When all the standard procedures are done and you are ready to drive fast - here we are with our perfect apps. We expected your success - that is why payever grow apps are made to allow you try new marketing tools and platforms. With our amazing tools you will never miss a single item from any of online platforms you use.

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We offer all major shop system plugins and a great documented API. Use payever Point-of-Sale solution inside your local store.Drive traffic, increase conversions and boost loyalty with the right communication at the right time. With Contacts app your customers can follow their activity with your store, helping them to make your relationship more solid.With payever selling and buying is no more just a b2b or b2c it is h2h - human to human. The most personalized tool ever: choose the metrics to analyze and add them in a form of intuitive widgets.Our overlay checkout technology allows customers to check out an item directly from the product page.This simple one-page checkout has the potential to boost your conversions with over 10% by making it easier and faster to complete an order.