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CALGARY -- Online payments company Pay Pal has been ordered to hand over information about its Canadian business account holders to the Canada Revenue Agency.Pay Pal says on its website it has been served with a Federal Court order to disclose information within 45 days to the Canadian tax-collecting agency identifying account holders and describing the amount and number of payments sent or received between Jan. CRA spokesman Patrick Samson says the agency has requested the information to ensure that these individuals and corporations comply with their tax obligations under the Income Tax Act.As I mentioned earlier in my review, the older content doesnt quite match up in clarity to the more recent, but, its certainly all good.Spanning back 11 years will offer the elite of what was accepted at that time.In fact, there is even a link offered that says to click there for over 1 million more archived sets! I would happily sign a petition that says Im a true-blue fan of this site, every aspect of interest I look for as an inspector, they not only offered for their members but lived up to keeping it amazing.

Pay Pal says it has notified the account holders, adding the order applies even if the business account has been closed.

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